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Whether exploring one of the five elements, creative writing, prenatal day retreat, or relaxing in Gong Spa bliss. There is a lot on offer in my workshops in beautiful South Wales. See the return of these sessions that do nothing but feed the soul in 2022. Please get in touch to hear first about them and reserve your place.

Prenatal Day Retreats are all about indulging the beautiful parent to be. Massage, Prenatal Yoga, Meditation, Hypnobirthing and Cake all whilst meeting and chatting to fellow parents to be. Get ready for cosy vibes, a joyful workshop that completely celebrates you and has you leaving with a warmth wrapped round you like a permanent hug! Happy, relaxed…bliss.

Soulful Sundays; sessions that nourish your soul! Yoga, Pilates, Calligraphy, Embroidery, Creative Yumminess that always involves Cake & a Natter.

Primal Yoga® Flow with its Vinyasa and Martial Art fusion is influenced by the Chinese Five Elements; wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Expect to explore and deepen your awareness of not only the philosophy of the elements but also how to create more balance within your body and mind. When all five elements are balanced it is said we are at optimal health and wellbeing.When out of balance each element relates to physical and emotional manifestations and various pathologies.You will experience creative movement, artful transitions and philosophical discussions, helping you learn an effective approach to optimal functioning of the body which with regular practice results in health and vitality. You will leave energised, uplifted and inspired to continue with a practice at home. 

Hope to give you a warm welcome soon!

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I love to work with others in the community who help unlock or inspire our creative abilities, aid in mindfulness or offer deeper relaxation so look out for the workshops that involve other beautiful souls offering practices like Calligraphy, Embroidery, Gong Spa’s, Tai Chi, Restorative Yoga…

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“Just done an amazing Primal Yoga workshop with Keri Lincoln , really recommend giving this ago. Lovely fascial moves and using the primal movement patterns in with traditional Yoga asana,Martial arts and Qi Gong. At the end we did some amazing inversions taught totally differently from the norm, looking forward to the next workshop and thank you for a lovely day.”

Nisha Srivastava Owner of Northwest Pilates & Yoga Centre.

“Keri teaches with poise, passion, precision and personality and I’m proud to have her as the first teacher representing Primal Yoga® Flow in the UK.”

Liz Arch - Creator of Primal Yoga®

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