Yoga Retreats

International & National Yoga Retreats

I remember the feelings during and after attending my first retreat – wow it was heavenly. I rested, I moved, I explored, I met friends for life and I remember there and then thinking I want to be able to share this with people. A retreat, whether it be a weekend in the UK or a week abroad is the perfect opportunity for you to completely unplug. To delve deeper into a daily practice with 2 – 3 classes offered every day. To eat delicious and nutritious food. To meet and connect with like minded people. To switch off, unwind, relax. To just feel incredible! 

I run yearly weekend and mid week retreats in the UK and week long retreats abroad. To have a sneak peek at what a retreat can look like take a look at some of my past videos below or on youtube… 

Upcoming Yoga Retreats

Retreats will be returning in 2022/2023 whilst I take some time to enjoy being Mummy to baby number 2. Please head to my YouTube to look at videos of past retreats or click the Tuscany and Shewsbury links to have a look at what was included with these past two favourites of mine.

Past Yoga Retreats

Santorini 2018 

“I didn’t know Keri before the retreat but I fell in love with her spirit & smiles the moment I met her. The retreat was so well organised by her. I couldn’t have wished for anything more in a yoga retreat”


If you have been fortunate enough to go on one of Keri’s retreats (UK or European destination), then you will know that they are happy places and magnets that attract lovely people. The recent Shrewsbury retreat (November 2018) was no different…from the fabulous venue to the superb planning of every detail and precise delivery of the whole retreat (with the bar set extremely high – the usual standard for Keri). The food was superbly prepared, presented and served and nutritiously balanced to boot. The time and opportunity to enjoy the local area (with information and well researched knowledge) was programmed in, if you wanted to explore. And then….. there was the yummy, stretchy, flowey, amazing yoga and meditation. Keri is a beautiful, thoughtful, fun loving and skilled yoga teacher who is sensitively attuned to the individual needs of those in the group. Keri offers clear guidance and helps you adjust and safely challenge your own practice and she does so with patience, care and support. The overall retreat experience provided the opportunity and the ideal environment to relax, be pampered and focus on yourself and your own wellness – total bliss……”


“I think I have just about got back to reality following the fantastic retreat. I just wanted to let you know how much Rach and I enjoyed it, in fact, everything about it was just fabulous from the yoga and the food to the company and the house itself. I’m completely sold now and just wish this retreat was a monthly occurrence! Thank you so much Keri”


“Keri creates an aura of compassion, playfulness & energy, offering space for a practice that is non-judgemental; this contributes to an atmosphere of acceptance, growth & fun! Keri is an intuitive and inspirational teacher who scatters pearls of wisdom; she seems to have a real talent for knowing just what you need & when you need it. I am a convert to this wonderful practice of Primal Yoga® & thankful to Keri for her time and generosity of spirit. I would highly recommend her Retreats”