I'm Keri, a Yoga & Hypnobirthing Teacher

Playful. Joyful. Empowering.

Movement has always made me happy, starting from when I was three years old tapping away on stage. To now where I am dancing around the living room with my daughter or rolling out my mat for some ‘me’ time.

Dance is what led me to Yoga and this has picked me up more times than I can count. It was Yogalates™ that got me back up on my feet when I had a back injury. Primal Yoga® Flow and Karate that got me through my struggle with grief and gave me my confidence back. Vinyasa yoga that inspired me to flow through times of great change and embrace all the new and with a husband in the military there are always changes around the corner!

Finally, Hypnobirthing and pre and post natal yoga provided me with the positive mindset and knowledge to empower me throughout my pregnancy, the birth of my daughter and the whirlwind fourth trimester.

I love sharing these vital and life changing skills on to men, women and birthing people whether it be in person, online, through my personal courses or my work with the incredible Positive Birth Company.

I hope to welcome you soon.

There is a Style for Everybody.

Breath and movement; so good for the body and mind and I truly believe there is a style out there for everyone. I encourage you to move your body, find a class and know if that class isn’t for you there are many other styles out there. Keep Moving. Keep Exploring. Find your flow….

As you can see things that have empowered me, have also inspired me. I’ve trained in them so that I can share my practice, from a first hand experience, with you because I want to show you there are alternative routes to help you feel great.

In terms of pre and postnatal care my goal is to make these life changing skills accessible to birthing people so they can feel strong in body and strong in mind. I truly am with you and want to help you feel empowered however you birth your baby.

I have been teaching Yoga since 2012 and Hypnobirthing since 2018.  I offer Vinyasa Yoga, Primal Yoga® Flow, Yogalates™, Pre and Postnatal Yoga and Hypnobirthing. I am forever grateful for those I have learnt from and practiced with along the way and I am forever a student; always learning, growing and sharing. I like my classes to be joyful and playful yet challenging, helpful and inspiring.

I hope to help you on your journey soon!

I wanted to send my thanks, words can not thank you enough for my gratefulness. I signed up to the two day course lead by the fabulous angel Keri, she is a godsend. Keri gave me the tools to have the most amazing birth I could have ever dreamt of. I would just like you to pass on my words of thanks to Keri. The course was the best thing that I have attended and the practises I learnt I will keep with me forever using in daily life. 

Hypnobirthing Couple

“Keri’s Primal Yoga classes are challenging, kickass and fun! The flow sequences are so organic that you don’t realise how far you’re going until you’re upside-down in a position you never would have thought you could do. I don’t mean to suggest it’s hard, though. As with all yoga, you have choices and levels throughout, and go to exactly where you are comfortable. I don’t think I’ll ever look back, though. This is the best yoga I’ve done so far.”

Sarah Jasmon

Author of Summer of Secrets and You Never Told Me

“Since starting under Keri in September 2014, not only have I thoroughly enjoyed every session but both my flexibility and core strength have improved significantly. Given that I have been consistently training in karate for 34 years and obtained a high level, this rate of improvement has been a most welcome and pleasant surprise, my only regret is not starting years ago! I would have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending Keri, she is a gifted, knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor who has proved to be highly effective in enhancing my sporting performance.”

Guy Keen

Chief Instructor of Southport Miyagi Karate School, 6th Dan English Goju-ryu Karate Association