Hello! I'm Keri

Yoga & Hypnobirthing Teacher

Yoga especially, makes me, me. Its stripped me bare and built me back up. Its helped my mind just as much as my body and I know Yoga always has my back.

Movement has always made me happy. From when I was three years old tapping away on stage whilst waving to my parents in the audience (this memory comes from video evidence!). To now, whether this is dancing around the living room with my daughter, or exploring on my mat. 

Dance is what led me to Yoga, and this has picked me up more times than I can count. 

When I was injured with a bad back, Yogalates™ got me back up on my feet. 

When I experienced the most painful grief to have ever hit me Primal Yoga® Flow and Karate became my release. Not only a physical release, but emotional and mental. I was at the lowest I have ever felt to the point where I wouldn’t want to leave the house and I would just randomly cry. Primal Yoga® and Karate, the movement, the flow, the power combined with grace got me through it all and made me stronger. 

When I struggled to accept change Vinyasa yoga helped me and inspired me to flow with it and embrace all that was new in my life. 

There is a Yoga Style for Everybody.

Movement, its so good for the body and mind and I truly believe there is a style of yoga out there for everyone. I encourage you to move your body, find a class, and know if that class isn’t for you there are many other styles out there. Keep Moving. Keep Exploring. Find your flow….

As you can see things that have helped me, have empowered me and they have also inspired me. I’ve trained in them so that I can share my practice with you. I want to share with others what has helped me, to show there are alternative routes and to help others feel empowered. 

Hence why when I practiced hypnobirthing to prepare for my daughters beautiful birth; I then completed my training with KGHypnobirthing when my little girl, Rosie, was 3 months old. After giving birth to Rosie I remember saying to my husband that I feel like superwoman. I really did and I honestly feel that I owe that to Hypnobirthing and Yoga. Both have made me feel strong in body and strong in mind and I want to help other Mums to be feel this too. 

I have been teaching Yoga since 2012 and I offer Vinyasa Yoga, Primal Yoga® Flow, Yogalates, Pregnancy Yoga and Hypnobirthing. I am forever grateful for those I have learnt from and practiced with along the way and I am forever a student, learning, growing and sharing my practice that is always growing, changing and adapting. I want to share joy and I hope you find my classes challenging, fun, helpful and inspiring –  I hope to help you on your journey soon!