Keri Lincoln

Yoga Instructor & Hypnobirthing Teacher.

“Life itself is your teacher, and you are in a state of constant learning.” - Bruce Lee

Hi, I’m Keri.

I’m a Yoga and Hypnobirthing teacher in Crickhowell, South Wales. I offer Hypnobirthing, Pre & Post Natal Yoga, Primal Yoga® Flow, Vinyasa Yoga & Solomon Yogalates™.

I am available for Local Yoga Classes, Corporate Sessions, Private Sessions, Workshops, National & International Retreats.

Primal Yoga

Created by Liz Arch, Primal Yoga® is a dynamic and martial arts fusion style that merges Vinyasa yoga with the artistry of Kung Fu and the grace of Tai Chi into an athletic, heat-building flow, while focusing on alignment, balance, strength, power and flexibility.

Primal Yoga® Flow is a fluid and thoughtfully sequenced class that combines movement and breath to cultivate the flow of Qi, or vital life force energy throughout the body. We seamlessly blend yoga with slow flowing movements inspired by Tai Chi, Qigong and Kung Fu into a harmonious dance to create balance, strength and synergy in our physical and emotional bodies. With an emphasis on breath, fluidity and intelligent alignment-based sequencing, Primal Yoga® Flow harmonises yin and yang energy and taps into our body’s own innate wisdom to unlock the healing potential within.

Local Yoga Classes, Workshops and Private Sessions.

Private sessions are available in and around Crickhowell, either at my home or yours.

Whether you’re new to yoga or want to deepen your practice – private sessions are the perfect addition to your life. Lasting 60 – 90 minutes and completely personalised to you; designed to benefit you and your goals.

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National & International Yoga Retreats

A retreat, whether it be a weekend in the UK or a week abroad is the perfect opportunity for you to completely unplug. You delve deeper into a daily practice, with 2 – 3 classes offered every day and delicious and nutritious food served. You will meet and connect with like minded people, often making friends for life. You deserve to switch off, unwind, relax and feel incredible!

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